Provide All the Content Users Need in One Location

Users want to quickly get to all the answers they seek without having to navigate multiple sites, tools, or applications. With multiple teams posting content to various locations, it can often be impossible for both internal and external users to find exactly what they need.

Titania's General Information Delivery Application makes it easy to provide an aggregate view of your information regardless of the originating source file's location or format. Using any common browser on any device, users can quickly get to the information they need. The fully flexible user interface allows you to create the optimal information portal with views of all files in all formats or limited views of only audience-specific content. Without any IT burden, Titania makes it easy for you to deliver all the content your users want to see.

Titania General Info Delivery Features

Support for All File Types

Dynamically transform XML source to HTML5 and support delivery of most all file types including PDF, MS Office, help, code, graphics, video, and more. And automatically convert graphics to browser-ready formats.

Fully Configurable Look and Feel

Apply your specific style and branding to the site. Use out-of-the-box theme or reconfigure all aspects from links, to layout, and localization.

Fast and Intelligent Search

Preserve and leverage the intelligence of your source content to drive faceted and full text search. Use existing attributes, metadata, and file properties or assign new metadata values if needed.

Flexible and Responsive Design

Optimize the UI for viewing on any size device with dynamic graphics scaling, layout, and content transformations.

User Feedback Capture

Capture user feedback with up/down votes, inline annotations, and discussion threads to help improve your content and user experience.

Titania In Action

Use Cases: Impact Across the Organization

Wherever your teams use information, Titania Software can help you work more effectively.
Field Service
Need: quick access to up-to-date service Information
Information Technology
Need: streamline information access across systems
Documentation Teams
Need: speed content creation, enable dynamic publishing
Product Management
Need: optimize product information visibility and value

Personalized Demonstration

We'll help your team envision how Titania can make your content easy to find, assemble, and publish – on demand.
Titania General Information Delivery
See how quickly your content can be dynamically delivered to a customized web portal.

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