Fast, accurate availability of eIFUs on any device

Giving users access to the most accurate Instructions for Use (IFU), ensuring proper use and safety, is the goal of every medical technology provider. The challenge for most is finding a cost-effective way to quickly deliver their global libraries of content while adhering to varying regulatory requirements and adapting to emerging digital device formats.

Titania Delivery for eIFUs gives you the power and flexibility you need to take control of all your online delivery needs. By streamlining the upload and online publishing processes, Titania allows you to effortlessly post approved eIFUs in every required language and all target formats (e.g. PDF, HTML5, video). From any device on any browser your users can quickly navigate to the exact eIFU desired.

Titania Delivery for eIFU Features

Global Access

Provide access to all IFUs by country and language as needed

View All Versions

Access the most current and all previous versions of IFUs

Intelligent Search

Configurable metadata and full text search, and faceted search

Added Resources

Direct links to request printed materials and technical support

Configurable Portals

Fully configurable portals for branding and user interface requirements

View on Any Device

Responsive design for optimized viewing on any device

Integration Interface

Integration with IFU source repository and other business systems

Administration Interface

Secure and controlled access for authorized administrators

Titania In Action

Personalized Demonstration

Eliminate tedious, time-consuming and costly manual processes posting eIFUs and reduce your dependence on third-party services. Take control and automate the delivery of your eIFUs anywhere in the world.
Request a personalized Titania Delivery for eIFUs demo today and see how easy your eIFU delivery can be.
Titania Delivery for eIFU
Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU) delivery made easy.

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