DITA Specifications Overview

Titania makes it easy for you to explore and use DITA standards. The complete specifications for versions 1.2 and 1.3, as defined by the OASIS Technical Committee, are available here for your reference. You can quickly search for the specific information of interest by topics, terms, or keywords.

Related Resources on Dynamic Publishing

“The Case for Dynamic Publishing”

– A White Paper from Quark
Download the full white paper

Today’s consumers demand that you engage them through the communications channels of their choice – not just print, web, and email but also e-readers, smart phones, and tablets. Documentation teams are squeezed between the increasing requirements for better information and the costly, labor-intensive publishing processes that were originally developed for a print-only world.

Read this whitepaper and learn how adopting a dynamic publishing environment as part of your overall content strategy can reduce the costs and complexity of producing information for print, web, and digital media.

The Business Case for XML and Intelligent Content: DITA Metrics 101

– by Ann Rockley
See book details, reviews, and ordering info

You have read about the many benefits of moving your content to DITA: accuracy, consistency, increased productivity, reduced authoring times, and more. Now you need to know what these mean to you, to your project, to your content, and to your bottom line. This book from Rockley Publishing provides you with a variety of spreadsheets and the models you need to estimate the savings and highlight the ROI of switching to DITA. Order and download the book and accompanying workbook to get started today.

Center for Information-Development Management

(JoAnn Hakos)
Visit CIDM’s website to learn more

The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) brings together managers in the field of information development and facilitates the sharing of information about current trends, best practices, and developments in within the industry. Led by JoAnn Hakos, CIDM conducts benchmark studies, sponsors research, circulates industry best practices, and hosts three annual conferences.

“Intelligent Content in the Experience Age”

– A Presentation by Scott Abel
View the full presentation

Find out why many organizations are realizing the approaches they have relied upon for decades to create, manage, and deliver content no longer meet current business needs. Learn why current content production processes are insufficient, how they can damage brand and customer experience, and what some companies are doing to overcome traditional publishing roadblocks. Presented by internationally recognized content strategist, Scott Abel, this presentation is filled with useful statistics, guidance from experts, and more.

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