Demands on Documentation Teams

In today’s business environment, Documentation teams are critical to:

  • Getting your products or services to market faster
  • Meeting operations and compliance requirements
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction

Your Organization’s Needs

The company needs the Documentation team to:

  • Make information easier to view, find and use
  • Deliver information in all formats (web, mobile, pdf)
  • Provide the most up-to-date information
  • Assemble content from multiple sources

Your Team’s Challenges

To meet the company’s needs, the Documentation team must find ways to overcome the challenges of its current environment. In a typical environment:

  • Often additional departments are required to post online content
  • Consumers are limited in ways they can view information online
  • Content reviews are unwieldy and time-consuming
  • Document updates require a repeat of the entire publishing process
  • Capturing consumer feedback on content is manual, limited, or not possible
  • Custom documents require a manual time-consuming process to produce

A Better Way

With a dynamic publishing and intelligent content delivery environment, the Documentation team can:

  • Automate publishing to web by simply saving the final approved content in a target location
  • Easily find, reuse, and assemble content components into new documents
  • Use trigger events to dynamically update documents
  • Enable reviewers to use any web browser to provide inline comments linked to the original content source
  • Update content components across all documents automatically
  • Capture consumer feedback via any web browser
How Everyone Benefits

By leveraging the possibilities of dynamic publishing solutions, the Documentation team can:

  • Increase authoring efficiencies
  • Eliminate the need to manually post content to the web
  • Speed document reviews
  • Dynamically produce custom documents in minutes
  • Automatically update online content
  • Enable users to pull only the content they need

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