Demands on Field Service

In today’s business environment, supporting your Field Service team’s content delivery needs is:

  • Critical to ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Critical to saving costs
  • Critical to improving company profitability

Your Organization’s Needs

The company needs the Field Service team to:

  • Strive for 100% first-time fix rates
  • Optimize field service resource utilization
  • Effectively meet all service commitments
  • Maximize the revenue opportunity from products

Your Team’s Challenges

To meet the company’s needs and consumer demands, the Field Service team must find new ways to address the most common barriers to providing fast and accurate service in the field. Challenges may include:

  • Lack of visibility to product information required to perform service
  • Inability to proactively monitor service needs
  • Increasing complexity of product information
  • Inability to access needed service information from mobile devices

A Better Way

Within a dynamic publishing and intelligent content delivery environment, the Field Service team can:

  • Provide a single system for online visibility to all approved product and service information
  • Automatically synchronize content from a variety of sources into a single repository of service-ready information
  • Enable products to capture and communicate service needs to the manufacturer
  • View exactly the content they need in the format they need it
  • Collect consumer feedback to help identify new revenue opportunities
How Everyone Benefits

By leveraging the possibilities of dynamic publishing solutions, the Field Service team can:

  • Dramatically improve first-time fix rates
  • Optimize service resource utilization
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase profitability

Titania In Action

Personalized Demonstration

See how adding interactivity helps guide readers, captures user inputs and product data to create a customized information experience, and gives you an accurate report on all the data and activity.
Titania Interactive
See the power Titania can bring to your organization by adding interactivity to your content sample.

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