Demands on IT Teams

In today’s business environment, IT support for the organization’s content delivery needs is:

  • Critical to operations and compliance
  • Critical to ensuring security of corporate IP
  • Critical to streamlining documentation and content delivery processes

Your Organization’s Needs

The company needs the IT team to:

  • Provide a system to meet the unique documentation needs of each department or group
  • Enable visibility to documents and content by internal and external consumers
  • Connect various information sources (file systems, repositories, CMS, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Support the conversion and posting of content to multiple outputs (web, mobile, etc.)

Your Team’s Challenges

To meet the company’s needs, the IT team must find ways to address the organizational challenges without having to apply a dedicated technical resource to:

  • Provide each department with unique access to store and retrieve documents
  • Enable each department to publish content based on their consumers’ requirements
  • Integrate and customize systems to address differing process needs
  • Publish or post content online

A Better Way

Within a dynamic publishing and intelligent content delivery environment, the IT team can:

  • Provide a single system for online visibility to all valid content across the enterprise (unique portal views can be set up by business, department, group, role, partner, etc.)
  • Enable information consumers to dynamically assemble and view only the content they want in the format they need
  • Automate the synchronization of content from any sources into a single repository
  • Automate the delivery of HTML5 content to the web from multiple sources
How Everyone Benefits

By leveraging the possibilities of dynamic publishing solutions, without heavy burden on IT resources, the IT team can:

  • Enable all stakeholders to easily view all product content via a browser
  • Eliminate any manual effort to post content to web
  • Enable content synchronization across systems
  • Automatically update online content from all sources

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