The <navref> element represents a pointer to another map which is preserved as a transcluding link in the result deliverable rather than resolved when the deliverable is produced. Output formats that support such linking can integrate the referenced resource when displaying the referencing map to an end user.

For example, if a map is converted to the Eclipse help system format, the DITA element <navref mapref="other.ditamap"/> is converted to the Eclipse element <link toc="other.xml"/>. When Eclipse loads the referencing map, it will replace this link element with the contents of the file other.xml, provided that the file other.xml is available.

Note that not all output formats support such linking. In order to include another map directly without depending on the output format, use a <topicref> element with the @format attribute set to "ditamap". The effect is similar to using a @conref attribute. For example, the following markup represents a literal inclusion of the map other.ditamap:

<topicref href="other.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


- map/navref


In this example, the map titled "MyComponent tasks" references the maps othermap2.ditamap and othermap3.ditamap.

<map title="MyComponent tasks">
 <navref mapref="../com.ibm.xml.doc/othermap1.ditamap"/>
 <navref mapref="../com.ibm.xml.doc/othermap2.ditamap"/>


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group, @outputclass, @keyref, and the attribute defined below.

Specifies the URI of the map file or non-DITA resource to be referenced. It might reference a DITA map or a resource that is appropriate for your output format (such as XML TOC file for Eclipse output).
@keyref (DEPRECATED)
The @keyref attribute was unintentionally defined for <navref> in the original DITA grammar files. It is retained for backwards compatibility. The attribute will be removed in a future release, and processors are not expected to support it.

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