The <revisionid> element indicates the revision number or revision ID of the book. The processing implementation determines how the level is displayed. Common methods include using a dash, for example "-01", or a period, such as ".01".



These models represent only the default document types distributed by OASIS. Actual content models will differ with each new document type.
Doctype Content model
bookmap ( text data or keyword or apiname or option or parmname or cmdname or msgnum or varname or wintitle) (any number)
learningBookmap ( text data or keyword) (any number)

Contained by

Doctype Content model
bookmap, learningBookmap published, reviewed, edited, tested, approved, bookevent


- topic/ph bookmap/revisionid


    <person>Joe T. Editor</person>
    <person>Joe T. Editor</person>


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
univ-atts attribute group (includes select-atts, id-atts, and localization-atts groups) A set of related attributes, described in univ-atts attribute group
global-atts attribute group (xtrf, xtrc) A set of related attributes, described in global-atts attribute group
class, outputclass, keyref Keyref provides a redirectable reference based on a key defined within a map. See The keyref attribute for information on using this attribute. Class and outputclass are described in Other common DITA attributes

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